Our Beliefs

  • There is one true God, perfect in holiness, truth and love that eternally exist in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father is the Creator of heaven and earth. He sustains and is sovereign, with the Son and the Holy Spirit, over all His creatures. All things were created to point to and for the praise of his glory. His desire is for each man and woman to live in fellowship with Him.
  • God the Son, Jesus Christ, is the eternal Son of God. He was born of the Virgin Mary. He is both fully God and fully man. God sent his Son to walk a perfect life in nature, teaching and obedience on earth and die as the perfect sacrificial substitute to pay the penalty for sin on our behalf. Jesus died and rose from the dead three days later. Through his death, our guilt is removed and we are reconciled to God. He ascended to heaven and will one day physically return.
  • God the Holy Spirit, convicts man of sin. Through the gospel, the Holy Spirit persuades men to repent of their sin, confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and then dwells within the new believer to lead them into a right understanding and application of God’s Word, the Bible.
  • The Holy Scriptures include the New Testament and Old Testament of the Bible. The scriptures are a divine revelation from God and are true, authoritative, sufficient, and without error.  Those who trust in God are exhorted to study the Scriptures and apply them to their lives.
  • Man is made in the image of God and is meant to glorify God through enjoying fellowship with Him. Man rebelled against God in Genesis and is separated from Him and remains unable to return to God by any measure of his own doing. Man is sinful by both birth and action. The saving work of Christ is the only way that there can be reconciliation between man and God- He is the way, the truth and the life.

Our Values

The Church

We believe in the universal Church expressed through local bodies of believers as the primary expression of faith in God. Our hope at Sparrow Conference is to connect women to local, biblically based churches so that they may devote themselves to grow as disciples and get on mission with other Christian brothers and sisters.


We desire to unify women from diverse ethnicities, socio-economic groups, backgrounds, churches and organizations under the banner of the Gospel. We hope to reflect the kingdom of heaven described in Revelation 7:9 as a group of diverse women- united in the confession of Jesus as Lord and worshipping Him as such. We believe it is important to unite women, expose them to different backgrounds, stories, and cultures, and catalyze them toward a deeper relationship with God and one another.

The Next Generation

We believe that God is going to call, redeem and use the next generation of women to proclaim to the world the good news of Jesus Christ. Our hope at Sparrow Conference is to catalyze women toward a deep, rich relationship with God and to gain an understanding of God’s word thus propelling them to be on mission- using their gifting for His glory.


We believe it is important to maintain a safe environment of honesty with our lives, sin, fears, questions, and doubts. It is from this place of authenticity that we as a group of women can be encouraged to trust the Lord for healing, restoration and a deepening of faith in Jesus Christ. 

What is the Gospel? 

The word “gospel” means good news. The gospel is “the historical account of the triune God orchestrating the reconciliation and redemption of a broken world and human race from Satan, sin and its effects to the Father and each other through the life, death, resurrection and future return of Jesus Christ for God’s glory and our joy.”

God created man and woman to live in complete dependence and communion with Him, to enjoy the good gifts of His creation and to expand His kingdom. When presented with temptation to disobey the one commandment God had given them (do not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), placed there to grow their dependence and trust in the Lord, both man and woman believed the lie that God is not good and fell into sin. The effects of this fracture between God and man are real and present today-sickness, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, loss, hardship, adversity, and on the list goes on. Our desires, minds, and actions are distorted and self-absorbed by the effects of sin.

But God, sent redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ who was born of the Virgin Mary, fulfilling all Old Testament prophecies. Jesus came to live in the darkness with God’s people, to dwell with them, to walk as they walked, being fully God and fully man. He lived a sinless, perfect life. Jesus willingly submitted to mockery, shame, physical torture and was crucified to pay the great debt of God’s people. The only way to God is through the righteous standing of Christ. On the cross, Jesus took on the sin of God’s people and absorbed the wrath of God in our place. Every single sin of the saints was laid upon him. Jesus died and rose three days later, putting death to death and displaying His authority over sin and evil. 

Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit we are able to believe and trust the good news of the gospel. The Gospel gives us righteous standing in the presence of a holy God, the gift of a new heart now able to respond to God, eyes and ears that see and hear, communion with God, adoption and an eternal family, peace and purpose. The gospel is no condemnation, no separation, union with Christ, a movement from darkness to light, death to life, selfishness to sacrifice, control to surrender, isolation to fellowship, slaves to sons. The Gospel is good news indeed.