Sparrow Women has seen the Lord move in incredible ways through a diverse group of people over the last seven years. For this, we are deeply humbled and can only testify to His goodness and grace. 

The events following Sparrow Conference 2019 continue to leave us heartbroken and reflective.  As we have prayed, reflected, and listened over the last several months, we would like to sincerely apologize to each conference attendee for the hurt and pain that our actions and mishandling may have caused. We want to specifically apologize to the women of color who experienced hurt by our actions following the conference. We understand our actions uniquely impacted you and we ask for your forgiveness. We missed an opportunity to demonstrate biblical peacemaking and this causes grief in our hearts.

Although Sparrow has not been active in public conversations over these past few months, we have been very active in conversations with multi-ethnic churches, organizations, leaders and individuals in hopes that we would continue to learn and grow. This has been a fruitful time. We want to share a few things that are clear to us:

First, we believe women have a uniquely beautiful role in God’s story. We desire women everywhere to know they are seen, loved, valued and have significant purpose in Christ’s Kingdom. 

Second, we wholeheartedly believe the gospel is the source of hope and change. It has become clear to us that while we believe in and desire to pursue racial unity, we are not equipped to pursue these efforts within the conference platform. We have much to learn and believe this work requires life on life relationships or small groups of intentional conversation that lead to life change and action over time. The voices and perspectives of men and women of color are crucial as we all prayerfully seek change in our communities and churches. Peacemaking, specifically in respect to racial unity, is a lifetime work and our prayer continues to be for all of our followers and conference attendees to lean into this important conversation. 

Finally, moving forward, Sparrow Women will continue to remain offline for a season to reflect, learn, and pursue a life on life ministry in our local context. We remain hopeful as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and take comfort in the gospel. 

-The Sparrow Women Team