Be the Bridge

Website: beabridgebuilder.com
Instagram: @beabridgebuilder

Be the Bridge was started in 2014 by Latasha Morrison.  A lifelong bridge builder, Latasha was troubled by the increasing racial tensions in our country and decided to invite friends to her home for dinner and conversation about the issues we are all facing.  From there, Be the Bridge was launched as an organization along with a nine lesson small group curriculum to help people walk through racial literacy and Christ’s plan for true reconciliation.  Today, Be the Bridge has small groups all over the world with an estimate of over 1000.  The Be the Bridge Facebook group has well over 21,000 members and growing with multiple branch Facebook groups, such as BTB Group Leaders and BTB University.  There is also a website, merchandise shop, monthly newsletter, whiteness intensive course and upcoming book written by Latasha Morrison.  Be the Bridge seeks to increase the racial literacy of people and the church by being image bearers of Christ and presenting ourselves as credible witnesses to the truth of God’s word.

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Seek the Peace

Website: seekingpeace.org
Seek the Peace
Instagram: @seekthepeace

Seek the Peace is a community of peacemakers and advocates seeking the safety, peace, and flourishing of refugees and immigrants. We focus in the thematic areas of Conflict Transformation, Capacity Building, and Advocacy. These guiding themes direct our programmatic focus on girls and women’s empowerment through candle making and job training,  education for children and youth, trauma healing, and developing leaders for peace. Our advocacy work is focused on refugees, peace and security policy at the local, state, national and UN levels. 

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The Net FW

Website: thenetfw.com
Website: worthy-co.com
Website: theices.net
Instagram: @melissaice

Melissa is the Founder & Executive Director of The Net FW, a non profit that serves people in poverty including the homeless, refugee youth through an after school program, and survivors of sex trafficking. The Net started a social enterprise called Worthy Co that provides dignified employment for survivors of prostitution and addiction, because they believe every woman is WORTHY of the chance to rebuild her life. Their retail store and candle studio is set to open in the fall of 2019.



Website: abidewomen.org
Instagram: @abide_women
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Email: info@abidewomen.org
Phone: 972-474-6311

AbideWomen's Health Services exists to improve birth outcomes in communities with the lowest quality of care by providing healthcare and complimentary services that are easily accessible, holistic, evidence based and free from judgment. Abide addresses the disparities in maternal healthcare in a strategic way and that begins with our volunteers and staff. Cultural humility, sensitivity and an awareness of our own bias are foundational to providing safe care to our clients. So from the moment a potential client makes her first phone call, to the care her and her family receives by our practitioners and volunteers, our clients will receive the best care we can provide. Abide seeks to reduce infant and maternal mortality, low birth weight babies and preterm birth. We also aim to increase breastfeeding rates and the number of midwives and birth workers of color.  Equity, redemptive justice and racial conciliation are just a few of our values. Overall, we desire to get babies to term and to their first year and we hope to celebrate with their mothers when they do.