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Our Mission:


Rec·on·cil·er, noun | A person who brings peace.
We exist to catalyze the next generation of reconcilers.


Our Mission

We exist to catalyze the next generation of reconcilers. We educate and unite women as peacemakers by developing resources, implementing training courses, hosting events, and uniting like-minded non-profits with the goal of reaching more women with the hope of the gospel across DFW.

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Our Impact

In an increasingly divided world in which truth has become a relative term, our hope is to point to Jesus, to His infallible word and the call to reconciliation to God and others. It is through the saving work of Jesus Christ that we experience peace as individuals. The gospel powerfully breaks down every dividing wall between God's children. In 2 Corinthians 5 we see that we have been given the message and ministry of reconciliation- peacemaking. Our mission as Sparrow Women is to catalyze a generation of peace-makers specifically across racial and socio-economic lines of division. We do this through unifying and catalyzing women at our annual conference and providing Biblical resources that expose, educate and empower women for the work of peace-making. 


Areas of Impact

We pursue reconciliation to God and others through the annual Sparrow Conference and by equipping women with Sparrow Resources.



Women Equipped & Empowered

Through our annual conference, written and online resources, women have been reached with the word of God, the power of the gospel, and our call to be peacemakers in a divided world. 



Years Serving Our City & Beyond

We began in a living room and by God's grace, Sparrow Women is now a movement of peacemakers seeking reconciliation to God & others. 


Where We're Headed

Sparrow Women began as a bible study in a living room, that evolved into a conference. The Sparrow Conference now serves as a catalytic event for over 1,500 women to consider  topics such as: the racial divide in our city/nation and social/justice issues that affect our culture; while at the same time applying biblical truths to these topics.  Sparrow Conference is expanding into Sparrow Women, to propel women from discussing tough topics into taking action. We want to pursue racial harmony by equipping women through Sparrow Resources, by partnering with churches and organizations in the training of leaders, by unifying women through Sparrow Conference, and by pursuing justice and mercy in uniting like-minded non-profits.


Sparrow Women will produce resources for women regarding how Biblical truths intersect with racial harmony and social justice. Resources will consist of Bible Studies, resource magazines, and videos. 


Sparrow Women will continue to host the annual Sparrow Conference as a catalytic and celebratory event. Women join together to learn about a book of the Bible, worship together, and explore how Biblical Truths address controversial issues in our city and nation. 


Sparrow Women will launch a leadership program for churches and organizations that want a deeper understanding of racial issues by looking at history, systemic issues, and providing training on how to carry out conversations about racial harmony and the gospel in their area of influence.


Sparrow Women will eventually open a house for non-profits with a shared purposed of providing holistic care for oppressed and marginalized women in Dallas, while at the same time providing proximity training to women through volunteer opportunities and educational classes.



"Sparrow represents a movement of women from varying ethnicities embracing biblical womanhood; it hasn’t just been a gathering but rather a commissioning of sisters and leaders."

- Irene


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